Prospective Investment Areas in Georgia

Investing in Georgia is interesting in several ways. We ‘re just going to focus on a few directions here.

1. Invest in real estate, resorts and tourist facilities

The price of these facilities in Georgia is growing quite rapidly, and the return on investment (profit) in this area is likely to increase even more.

2. The field of winemaking and other grape products

Many experts believe that investment in these areas are very profitable today.

3. Investments in storage facilities provide a quick and good profit in Georgia.

3.1 Port-related storage facilities and the transit functions of Georgia are profitable. In Georgia, a new deep-water port is being built, and the price of such facilities will increase even more.

3.2 Warehouses for the storage of agro-industrial products are also promising.

4. Building a modern glass factory is a promising direction in Georgia.

The glassware factory has a a strong market in the Caucasus.

5. And finally, fishing and fish farming are the direction that has not yet received proper attention.

Georgia is a maritime country. The country has   fishing quotas for the Black Sea.
It is promising to invest in small fishing vessels and in fish processing plants.
Besides, Georgia has lakes whose potential has not yet been exploited.



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